i'm baaaack.

welcome, welcome, welcome!
i have been MIA from the blog world for a good month or so.
between wedding planning and traveling i literally have had no time to computer it up.
since i could post about ten million things i will just highlight each of my trips in one post.
ready, go!

sunday trip up the canyon

trip to the lake 

family reunion

washington/oregon coast trip

lake powell

trips have been both fun and stressful.
i'm so ready to be married.
today i am off to vegas for the long weekend.
stay tuned for bridal/groomal first look pics.



Gentri said...

How fun! I wish I could go on a million trips! That's just what I plan on doing when I graduate. :)

Rachel McCarty said...

Like I already feel like your married, I'm ready for it too:] also wom, boat trips/ camping trips and mute summer things before we really feel like we missed summer?!

Anna said...

ah! I wondered where you disappeared to. :) looks like you've been having a MUCH more fun summer than me!