things i forget + fall.

first things first, you may have noticed i got a new blog name and design.
months ago i won it in a giveaway and due to wedding stuff, i didn't redeem it until now.
kailyn from wandering free did an awesome job and was so easy to work with.
she definitely exceeded my expectations.
thanks lady!

life as of late has seemed so stressful and at times to much to bear.
i feel like there is never enough time in the day to do all of the things i NEED to do.
i might as well just forget about the things i WANT to do because they will never happen.
needless to say, tears have been shed, complaints uttered, and guess what? life is still stressful.
about two weeks ago i had a beyond hellish week.
i came to the conclusion that my attitude sucked and needed to change.
i decided for the upcoming week (this passed one) that i was going to replace my negative thoughts with positive ones.
i was going to be a glass half full kind of a person.
and to my surprise... IT WORKED!

i also decided that each day, no matter how busy and stressed i was that i was going to allow myself 30 minutes of "me time" to escape from reality for a minute.  sometimes it was reading a book, taking a longer shower than necessary, cuddling longer with matt in the morning, etc. etc.

sometimes i get so caught up in my to-do lists that i forget to do something that is actually enjoyable.
luckily, my positive week also helped me be more productive and this weekend i actually had time to have a weekend :)

fall is here
and i am happy about it.

this summer bonfires weren't allowed in the canyon (or anywhere really) because of how dry it was.  now that fall is here, last night we took advantage of bonfire season and had our first one to kick off the cooler weather.

 roasting starburst.

it is beginning to feel like fall in our house as well.

moral of the story... i am thankful for little reminders that life doesn't always have to seem so bad.
when i think of the good things i have, i realize how lucky i truly am.
and i feel thankful.


Alana Christine said...

Love the new look!
It's amazing what a positive attitude can do!

Miss Kenzie said...

i LOVE the new name and look! so perfect!
and thanks for sharing your positive attitude, it helps remind me to keep mine postitive!


Dearest Lou said...

Totally in love with the blog makeover and new name! I'm about to stalk all of your recent posts it's been way too long!

Dearest Lou

kailyn marie said...

You're SO welcome!! I'm glad you love it!!!

Rachel McCarty said...

wom, your little <3 mrs harris is cute, also i like your new blog!

SEL said...

Love the new look! Very pretty!

We all have weeks like that, where we're just down and blah. I'm glad that telling yourself to be positive worked!


haleybrianna said...

Your love story is precious. Everytime I stalk your blog, I ALWAYS think this!

haleybrianna said...

Your love story is precious. Everytime I stalk your blog, I ALWAYS think this!

meandmr.com said...

I love the fall spirit! Looks like fun. Fall is my favorite season!