things i've learned. part one

ahhh...it feels good to be back on the blog.
life since the wedding has been insane.
but i thought i would tell you all some things i have learned in the last three point two weeks of being married.

number one. 
your wedding day may be the longest day ever, but i didn't want mine to end.
we seriously watch our wedding video all the time.
everything was so perfect.
number two.
sometimes it's ok to spend $100 on a meal for two.
especially if the dessert looks and tastes this good.

number three.
once you are married, quality time consists of studying on the floor, under the swamp cooler.

number four.
i will never get sick of looking at my husband.

number five.
wedding, followed by my birthday, followed by matt's birthday was the best decision i ever made.
we celebrate for days.

number six.
once you are married you go to bed so much earlier than when you were dating.
and i am 100% ok with that.
this date night ended at 10.

number seven.
life is busy. school, work, and sleep consume a great deal of our time.
sometimes it's ok to take a break and enjoy mother nature.
to be with each other and not worry about what lesson needs to be planned, or homework that needs to be done.
i have learned how precious quality time with my dear can be.

number eight.
target groceries are not cheap.
once the giftcards are gone, i will definitely be taking my grocery shopping elsewhere.
(i still love you though, target)

number nine.
my husband knows more about cooking than i do.
i tried to put a frozen chicken breast on the george foreman grill.
he informed me that it needed to thaw first.
but, i successfully made broccoli soup from scratch, with no supervision mind you
it tasted delicious.

with the help of our bountiful basket.

number ten.
matthew talks in his sleep.
i did not know this before, but i think it's hilarious to converse with him throughout the night.
he also sleeps with an eye pillow.
one day i will document this without him knowing.

until part two my friends.
mrs. harris


Carlyn Girl said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying married life. I wish one day, I will be happy as you are.

Kylee said...

So cute! Congrats! I've been thinking about getting bountiful baskets actually! Can't wait for part two!

Rachel McCarty said...

wom! you bloged :]
also, what is an eye pillow?

Ashley Eliza said...

amy. first off love the new blog layout.. secondly. you make me want to get mararied asap!

you guys are the cutest ever!!!