pinterest: done and want to do.

isn't it a glorious thing.
sometimes i find myself on it everyday pinning until my little hearts content.
other times i go weeks without even looking at it.
sometimes i decide to actually put into practice that which i have pinned, to make my time wasted well-spent on pinterest seem purposeful.

here are some things i have tried as of late:

quick and easy journal writing prompt, for those days when i don't have much time, or don't feel like writing.

this one is actually in the works, but i can't wait to finally have a mess free jewelry set up that is easy and accessible.

in my attempt to become a domestic housewife (i can't cook) i made these this morning...pumpkin spice pancakes.

they were pretty delicious.  my one drawback was that the batter is super thick and in order to cook them thoroughly through the middle, the edges and sides get burnt.  we ended up putting the batter in our waffle maker and had pumpkin spice waffles instead. quite delicious!

i also made crockpot chicken noodle soup this week.

it says to cook it on low for 5-6 hours, but i did it on high for 3 hours and it was perfect.
it made SO MUCH soup.  we have had it for two meals, and probably have enough for two more meals.
(and that includes second helpings :)

on conference morning i made these little morsels of goodness.
we named them fluffy cups, but basically they are german pancakes in muffin tins.

probably the easiest thing i've made thus far.  we had all sorts of toppings and fillings.  
definitely will be making these again!

make your mascara last longer.

this works quite well.  just add a few drops and you are good to go for a few more weeks.


making a years worth of laundry soap for $30
has anyone tried this?

turning instagram photos into magnents.

these would be so cute to stick on the refrigerator.

leg/ankle warmers

i have yet to jump on this bandwagon, but i love the look paired with wedges.
i think i just may have to try it out this fall and winter.

what have you tried on pinterest?
any good recipes, crafts, secrets, etc.
share the wealth :)

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Kelly said...

I had been wondering if the mascara thing really worked...totally will have to do it now!

And the instagram magnets are such a cute idea :)