fall break.

fall break at its best.

1) "thriller" with matt's family
2) driving the alpine loop and seeing beautiful leaves. 
3) girls night and visiting baby anabelle... so precious.
4-6) BYU blackout game with bryce and caitlin.  unfortunately they lost, but it was still good times.
7) finally completing our bed. thank my mother the seamstress
8) changing my name... i'm officially a Harris!
9) going to see "the perks of being a wallflower" with tregani
best movie. best quotes. i will definitely see this again.

some other things we did over fall break that didn't get documented
*had dinner at sammy's for the first time with rachel & drew followed by game night
*watched a slew of scary movies including paranormal activity 2 and the women in black

*pizza party with friends
*started breaking bad with the husband

*slept in
*cleaned house
*lesson plans, lesson plans, lesson plans

now, if only fall break came once a month :)


Anonymous said...

great photos! sounds like a nice break! I love your blog! so glad I found it!

Rachel McCarty said...

did you like perks of being a walflower??

Bethany Grow said...

whoa dude whoa. you're freakin cute. why have i not seen your blog before???! but i'm happy to be here now. and i really use a good sammy's pie shake right about now...

Alyx said...

Ahh, I just finished reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I was not a fan. I'm hesitant to watch the movie, but I want to because I love Emma Watson! One thing is for sure - it definitely looks better than the book because it looks like it's completely different.

Miss Kenzie said...

sounds like such good times! and i am dying to see that movie!!
and i LOVE your bedding!
congrats on officially being a harris:)