i love amusement parks.
i love rides.
i love people watching.
that my friends, is why every year i make it a point to travel up north to lagoon at least once.
lagoon is prime time for people watching.  i've captured some real winners there.
this passed weekend matthew and i headed up there in the afternoon, and then met some friends in the evening.

the boy and i on the sky ride.
each person or group of people we passed i would create a story about their lives based on their body language and expressions.  it was pretty comical.

my one top notch people watching capture.
this man was prime time.  he turned precisely the moment i needed him to in order to capture the full effect of the mullet.
check out this post for more great people watching captures.

i swear to you being married makes you feel ten years older than you really are.  after riding like 5 rides we were so tired, so we laid on the grass and took a nap.

then our friends came and the real fun began.
this ride, the tidal wave is probably one of my favorites.
it's a giant ship that rocks back and forth... yes i'm a five year old child, but i just love it.

92% of our pictures look like this.

so, i don't know if you know this or not, but the majority of people cannot touch their elbows together behind their backs.  i, however, can.  apparently i'm a freak, but it made for some good entertainment.

by the end of the night, it was freezing, i was haggard as ever, rockin' the high side pony, but the fun never stopped.
best part about lagoon in october?
they have extra haunted houses and creepy people that walk around and scare you while in line.
matt made sure all the scary people got me good!

also, i ran into a fellow blogger i had never met in the flesh which was pretty sweet.
kelly from kelly clark works at lagoon and we saw each other right as i entered the magical place.
shout out to kelly! woot woot!


Kelly said...

After I got off, I had date night at Lagoon that day too! {twelve hours of craziness!}

It was good seeing you. And p.s....you looked super cute! :)

Julie said...

Looks like so much fun!! Your outfit was adorable :)

Tregani Lanham said...

good times mrs. harris ;)

Miss Kenzie said...

looks SO fun!
and i wish i looked that good after a long day at the park!
and oh my gosh you can do that with your elbows! crazy!


Alli said...

Fun! I live (and grew up) five minutes from lagoon and I haven't been in four years...since the last time I worked there! Yes, I spent two horrible summers working at Lagoon! One was even operating the tidal wave! Looks like you had a blast.

Rachel McCarty said...

in the last photo, who is the random human?

eryka {from abcde} said...

I love this. Kelly told me the very next day. Guess who i saw? AMYYY! Lol!!! :)