over the weekend.

the boy and i had a date night.
we scored a bunch of local coupons in the mail and decided to cash in on those bad boys.
first stop,
of course was 2 for 1 fro-yo at menchies.
i seriously have a problem. as soon as i finished my helping, i immediately wanted more.

we then went to little ceaser's for breadsticks, because if you have a student i.d. they are only one dollar.
and then we made our way to what is apparently the coolest place to be on a friday night.
*nickle city*
this place was bumpin' and great for people watching.
rachel and drew joined us, and good times were had by all.

the husband and i both won jackpot.
our inner-carnies were coming out.

and off we were to redeem our prizes.
bracelets. stress ball. candy

thank you utah county for providing us with a cheap date night.
i felt like i was in elementary again.


Ashley Eliza said...

this night sounds fabulous. and amy you are so beautiful!!! always hae the cutes outfits and look amazing. and man i love nickle city!


andy brienne said...

Menchies! I keep trying to convince the boy to go. See if any froyo can beat Maui Chill. And all of this has made me want to go to Classic Skating.

Brielle said...

i love little caesars crazy bread. on tuesdays it's buy one get one free. so with student id, you get two for a dollar.. the best.

Kelly said...

That looks like a ton of fun! Sometimes the simple things are the best :)

Lex said...

Prizes are the best part. :)

Ali Mills said...

Dude my husband and I went to Nickel City with his best friend and his wife and we KILLED it there! We got some dice to hang from our rearview there! And I'm proud to say they're still hanging up ;)

Yelle said...

Hello from the blog hop! Congratulations, your day was so beautiful! I really adore your grandmothers ring, its exceptionally pretty, and perfect for a something old.