confessions on sunday.

linking up with alyx to spill my latest confessions.

1. every time i eat something unhealthy, i blame it on my baby.  i can't help that he has been LOVING and CRAVING fruity and sour candy.  i can't help that i have to have a stash in my purse at all times.
baby b loves his sugar.

2. i had a life altering experience on our valentine's date.  it was in the form of mango key lime cheesecake from the cheesecake factory.

suggested by our waiter who has tried every single dessert and he claimed this was his all time favorite. i described it as "summer in my mouth."  seriously, life changing. try it.

3. i caved and bought maternity pants.  my normal pants still fit fine, but these babies were only $10 and i figured i'm going to need them soon.

they are like these but gray.

4. i have the urge on a daily basis to physically hurt my husband.
whether it be pinching, biting, hitting, squeezing 
hahaha i don't know why, but i just get this ninja urge from time to time.
he loves it, it's his favorite.
obviously said sarcastically.

5. our walls our paper thin and we can often hear our teenage girl neighbor sisters talking/arguing.  sometimes i like to be as loud and annoying as i can just because i think i'm funny.
ugly noises, ugly laughing.
i may be 5 years old, but at least i'm cool... i blame number 4&5 on pregnancy hormones. my weirdness has been enhanced 10 fold.

to this i confess.


Deidre said...

In my old apartment I could hear a mother and daughter arguing NON stop. Sometimes It got so bad that I would consider calling the police.

Kylee said...

. . . The candy looks sooooo good. I wish I could blame my cravings on a baby haha!

Katrin said...

It must be really annoying to hear your neighbors all the time! I just hear my neighbors when they scream at each other which isn't very nice either.

Alyx said...

Omg. I've been a candy fiend, too. This baby lovvves skittles and starburst.

And I still haven't bought maternity pants. Mostly because the only pair I have found that are long enough for me cost $90. Yeah... no thanks. I bought two pairs of yoga pants online for half that, so hopefully they will get me through the next three months. Ha!

kayleigh maryon said...

That cheesecake sounds amazing. I must find some. Also you might as well blame things on the baby. No one will question you.
Kayleigh http://www.thewayiwanderlust.blogspot.com.au

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

You are so cute! I craved cheese fries with Susanna and gained 17 lbs in the first 20 weeks...she still eats like a man, but it was worth it!