my husband is the cutest.

first valentine's day we've celebrated together in three years.
and it was pretty great :)

i love this boy every single day of my life.  i constantly tell him he's my best husband and he laughs because he's my only husband, but it's true, he is the best one.

on the actual day of valentine's we didn't see each other until the evening.  he showed up at my work with roses and double stuffed oreos.
this boy knows what me and baby like.

on friday, we took advantage of our time together and made a night of it.
but first, matt did the cutest thing ever.  he wanted to make me something for valentine's so he got on my pinterest and looked at my crafty stuff board and decided to make me this...

i have this spot in my kitchen that needs something exactly like this.
i was so incredibly happy!! it meant so much to me.  the greatest part is that he used wood from an old cradle that his ancestor brooks wasden (who we are naming our baby after) had made years ago.
once i find something to fill the jars, i will post a picture of the actual one.

he's the greatest.
the rest of the night, we went on a scavenger hunt date of sorts.
first, shopping for new shoes for the boy.
next, bought my first pair of maternity pants for $10.
followed by dinner at the cheesecake factory and quite possibly the best cheesecake ever.
mango key lime pie.
the rest of the night was spent in the comfort of our home doing lovey, dovey things.
it was perfect.

and i feel lucky for the husband that i have.


Alisha said...

Aww your hubby is indeed sweet. Love that he made you that fun shelf. I'd put some fresh herbs to use every night at dinner :)

Looks like you two had a great Valentines!
Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

What a sweet heart!! I LOVE the jar holder!