throwback thursday - the time i found out i was preggo.

i never actually documented finding out i was pregnant.
so here we go.
i got married on august 31, 2012.  on september 5th my not so lovely lady friend came.  obviously, i wasn't pregnant, so life went on as usual.  then for fun, about 24 days after my period i decided to take a pregnancy test.
it was negative.
the day came i was supposed to start.
i didn't.
so i took a pregnancy test.

a week later i still hadn't started, so i took another, and another.

by this point i was kind of sad slash confused.  we weren't trying to have a baby per se, but we weren't preventing either.  i mean literally we had just gotten married less than a month ago.

two weeks later, i take a test.
again, negative.

i wasn't convinced.  i just knew that i was pregnant.  i had to be.
i had been taking dollar store pregnancy tests because who wants to spend $$ on a stick you pee on.
my sister in law was convinced that they are defective and don't work, so she offered to buy me two legit $20 pregnancy tests.  
after work one day, i was supposed to go over and take them.
while driving home, i decided to go buy just one more dollar store pregnancy test, because i wanted to be prepared for the outcome.
i raced home, took the dollar store test, and guess what...

it was positive :)
i didn't cry, i didn't laugh, i didn't even really react.
i just said, "i knew it." out loud.
i was extremely calm, and i knew that it was God's plan for me to have this baby so soon.
things leading up to mine and matt's engagement, marriage, and life had been laid out specifically for this event to happen.
paths that over a year ago i thought i would be going down didn't work out, but i knew at this exact moment that this pregnancy/baby were the reason why.

and then i took this picture.
i had to decide how to tell matt.
was i going to do some grand reveal? was i just going to come out and say it? 
i had about 7 minutes to decide, because he was on his way home.

i put the test in my back pocket, and waited for him to come home.
he got home with some top notch news.
out of nowhere someone called him for a job interview selling insurance.
we are very poor college students, and needed extra money badly.
what are the odds that on the exact day that i find out we are going to add an addition to our family is the day he randomly gets hired?
answered prayers i tell you, God has a plan for us :)

anyway, matt was all excited telling me his news and how it had happened.  not knowing exactly how or what i was going to say, i whipped the pregnancy test out of my pocket and said, 
"that's perfect babes, because we are having a baby!! :)"
and then i started to cry.
and matt beamed from ear to ear.
and we hugged and kissed and it was perfect.

literally the next day i was throwing up and sick. it was so odd.
and just to make sure i took a legit pregnancy test and ensured that i was in fact pregnant.

but for the record, dollar store pregnancy tests are also legit.
don't spend money on anything else.


Kylee said...

Loved reading this! I will definitely remember this advice later in life hahaha!

Logan Cantrell said...

Awe this is so sweet! Congratulations on your little one! :)

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Great story!! I swear, for both pregnancies, the day after I found out was when symptoms started too...so odd! Y'all are so cute and will be awesome parents!!

Kerri Andersen said...

ah thats so awesome! i totally KNOW the feeling. i knew i was pregnant too- one of my tests was negative but then the second was positive. it's weird but i really feel like a woman intuitively KNOWS when she is pregnant. glad I'm not the only one in the universe who purposely got pregnant in the first month of marriage....i wouldn't change it for anything! :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

Aww! Girl that's so cute. I LOVE that you mentioned it was God's plan. You are so cute & I'm so excited for your future, girly.


eryka {from abcde} said...

aww so cute!!

Anonymous said...

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Hayden Mathews said...

HA AMY! I took SO many dollar store tests too. That makes me laugh so hard, I felt the same way about them. So exciting! I love that we're both pregnant. Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

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