day late, dollar short.

i saw this march blog challenge over in this ladies corner of le old web, and i have decided to embark.
it obviously began yesterday, but i will just do two today :) lucky you! haha

maybe, just maybe you should join in too!  it's never too late after all.

day one:
self portrait and 5 random facts about yourself

1. apparently i make this face a lot at my husband.  it means different things according to the dumb comment he has made that has caused me to make said face.  he calls it my "stank face."

2. my finger nails and toe nails are always painted.  ALWAYS. i feel like a man if they are not.   i don't have dainty, cute hands and i pretty much hate all feet.  nail polish is a must.

3. whenever i have money and am excited to go shopping i can never find anything i want.  whenever i have no money i find 10 million things i desire to purchase.  it's a rough cycle.

4. i speak espanol rather fluently.  but you would never know because i never do.

5. i recently downloaded the disneyland wait time app and frequently check the wait times so that i can text people and say, "if we were at disneyland right now we would only have to wait 20 minutes for space mountain." or "california adventures is really crowded right now, it may be a good time for lunch."  it makes me happy.

day two: 
favorite quote(s)

i love quotes, i don't have a favorite.
i chose some from my pinterest board found here that strike my fancy at this moment.


Alayne Leavitt said...

I'm stealing this! :)

Alayne Leavitt said...
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Meg said...

I LOVE 2 & 5! lol. And those quotes are wonderful! I'm loving this challenge of yours ;-) Xo

Ashley Eliza said...

great quotes. they make me happy. also, you were the cutest littl swimmer there was. your little one is going to be adorable amy!! oh, and now i need that app!