throwback thursday - the time i dated a persian boy.

my husband gave me permission to post this so no worries.

one summer night in 2011, the girls and i decided to go get delicious drinks at chili's.

we then ran to walmart to buy toothpaste.  while we were at walmart, this guy seriously was following us everywhere.  once we got to the parking lot and were going to the car the same guy approached me, asking my name.
i knew immediately he was from another country
1. because he looked it
2. because he barely spoke english

he kept telling me i was so beautiful and asking me for my number.
i found out he was from iran and he had only been here one month.
because i'm a funny human and often times find myself in weird situations, i decided to take his number instead so this little dealio could be on my terms.
(plus, i had this goal of kissing a foreign man before matt came home so i figured this was my chance)

meet reza. who first told me his name was tabaa, but then i found out was really reza.
26 year old. persian. national swimmer. man.

so reza and i began texting, in very broken english mind you and it was quite hysterical.
he was always inviting me to do things or come over, but i was skeptical and creeped at first.
then, one day i decided to meet him.
by myself.
yes, i'm a crazy human.
well you see, i found out that my dear friend reza had only been in the U.S for one month, and ten of those days he spent in jail.
that situation is a whole different story itself.
it was actually quite a sad situation, he did something that he had no idea was illegal in the U.S.
i felt bad for the poor chap, because in a way he was set up and taken advantage of, which landed him in jail.
so rather than run for the hills, i gave him the benefit of the doubt.

he actually was one of the nicest, sweetest boys i've ever met.
he was super respectful and very eager to learn english and american culture.
in turn, i learned a lot about the persian culture.

one day, i invited him to orem summerfest parade with the friends, so they could see how hilarious this foreign boy was.

we crammed seven people in my car and away we went.

good times were had.

i continued to hang out with him for a bit.
every time i was with him and i would go to leave, he would give me some sort of food.
one day, he filled the front pocket of my purse with persian nuts.

i'm not sure why he always gave me food, but he felt it was necessary.

so, like i said, my goal was to kiss a foreign man.
and that i did.
here's how it went...
we were sitting there talking one day about nothing in particular.
i had a bracelet on my wrist that said "FEED."  it was a charity/donation type of a deal.
he asked me what "feed" meant.
i'm sitting there trying to explain it, talking about food and feeding babies and what not and he just does not understand.
he whips out his phone and google translate and then says, "uh huhh, ok feed! i get it"
he looks at me, plants on right on my lips, and then says, "I feed you!!"
hahaha not quite my foreign buddy.
apparently it doesn't translate quite directly.
needless to say i checked that goal off my list.

a few days later, i was leaving out of town and he gave me this stuffed animal dowsed in his cologne "to remember him" while i was away.

after my trip, it all kind of faded away.
i used to see him from time to time at school.
but now i can say that i semi dated and kissed a persian boy.


Meg said...

This post is so funny!! I love that he gave you Persian nuts and that you snapped pictures!

eryka {from abcde} said...

Bahaha. SO funny!

Lex said...

I think the nuts in yor purse is my favorite part! Hahahaha.

Elisabeth @ Imma Walking Fashion Crime said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is a HILARIOUS story! Love it! :) haha

Tregani Lanham said...

Oh Reza...I miss him

lesley: the dream tree said...

he is pretty cute! there is something about foreign boys...i got to experience that once. fun times!

Ashley Eliza said...

i love this story. oh so much. like lots.