valentine's decor.

now that i've graduated from school and i don't work everyday, i have had time to be a crafty human.
behold, the valentine's decorations...

let's be honest, some are cuter than others. but it's the effort that counts haha.
pretty much since i've been married, it's been one holiday after another, so it will be interesting to see how i actually decorate once it's not a holiday month.

also, the best part is that i think i spent 11 bucks total for everything.
i tried to use things i had and for the most part it worked.

happy valentine's in a few days.


Kirsten Wiemer said...

ahhh i love it.
i definitely didnt get crafty this year, lame.


eryka {from abcde} said...

AHHH I love these. Those printables, and that banner in your window!!

SEL said...

Super cute decorations. Love the burlap and heart.

Katie said...

so so cute! love the ones in the frames!

Amy said...

Love all your DIY's! Have you posted any tutorials on the crafts??

Jennie said...

I love all the cute valentine decor!