lucky to be an aunt.

i am quite lucky.
i have a total of 9 nephews and 10 nieces, and 2 babies on the way.
most of them live quite close, therefore i get to spend lots of time with them.

what i am most excited about is that my baby boy will have so many cousins to play with.
i grew up with a lot of cousins and have so many fond family memories.

this passed weekend, my newest niece Ivy was blessed.
her dress was made by her grandma and it was beautiful.  the day was really special.
Ivy is only 2 weeks old and she is teeny, tiny.

Ivy & Mom.

this is ivy's big brother kai.
he loves uncle matt quite a lot.

for christmas i had my older brother jeff in the siblings gift exchange.  he told me that he wanted two free babysitting coupons and that was all.
so last saturday, he redeemed one of those coupons and i watched the three little ladies.

i stumbled upon this baby picture of alli and it made me laugh because she totally still makes this face 5 years later.  this is her reenactment after showing her the picture.

and my 3 year old nephew colt that lives in texas scored his very first soccer goal.
he was quite proud.

and of course, my newest nephew, baby haze.
who is now one month old.

i love babies and kids so much.
clearly this is not all of my nieces and nephews, but just some fun pictures of some of them lately.
like i said, i'm pretty lucky!


Anna said...

whoa. you should warn people, this post causes baby hunger!!
I grew up in a huge family, so I love this. :)

Jenna said...

I love babies and kids too. They are so precious and innocent. Plus, they say the cutest stuff. That is so special that your future kids will have so many cousins to play with.