blogger favorites party.

last weekend i was able to attend a blogger favorites party hosted by

it was so much fun!  it's always fun reading people's blogs and getting to know them that way, but it's so much better to actually meet them and experience how they are in real life. plus, you get to become actual human friends :)

we met up at Uswirl in draper.
each of us brought 3 of our favorite things and then we swapped, and came out with three NEW favorite things.

this is what i brought
this is what i got
a cute summer scarf from rachel, a mixed cd from hailey, and my favorite color of bracelet from alacia.

and these are the ladies that attended

gentrielisekimrachelalaciahaileyerykamarsakirsten, and myself.
if you don't follow these ladies, you should!

can't wait until the next fiesta!

baby update post below :)


Rachel Sayumi. said...

LOVED meeting you! i've been following you and your husband's story for over a year now haha so it was soooo fun to meet you in real lifezzz!! :D and not gonna lie, i totally wanted your bows hahaha. i was a little sad i didn't get it ;)


Hailey Devine said...

So fun meeting you darling!


Alacia Hood said...

So glad you came on Saturday it was a blast to meet you! Now we can be real life friends! You and your husband are darling! XO

Life as a Bird said...

Loved getting to know you and your personality! Hope we can do it again soon!

eryka {from abcde} said...

it was SOO FUN!

Ashley said...

Such a cute idea for a blogger meetup!!