baby boy. 30 weeks + some days.

less than ten weeks until i meet my sweetest little boy.
carrying him for the last 30 weeks, i have developed such a love and bond with him already.
he loves to do flips and kicks and is constantly dragging his hands or feet across my belly.
it makes me jump and scream sometimes but i always end up laughing because he's just so precious.

here i am at 30 weeks and 3 days

don't mind the mess on the floor. i'm sure it's fine!

how far along: 30 weeks.3days

maternity clothes: about half and half. maternity clothes are far more comfortable, that's for sure.

weight gain: 8 pounds

stretch marks: nope

belly button in/out: it's still in, but not as deep as it once was! haha also about an inch around my belly button is so incredibly smooth. it's weird.

best thing about this week: with the help of my mom and sister in law (because let's be honest, my domestic skills are far and few between) we made a quilt for babyB.  it's not 100% done, but when it is i will post pictures for sure.

gender: baby boy.
name: brooks hayden harris

movements: pretty much all day, everyday.  and all night long. it wakes me up sometimes.

labor signs: i have braxton hicks like none other.

food cravings: cereal, fruit, ice
aversions: pasta and sauce, sandwich meat

what i miss: having energy.  i feel like i am always tired again.

sleep: getting to sleep is SO HARD for me.  i am so uncomfortable and i toss and turn forever.  once i finally fall asleep i'm usually out like a lightbulb.  until my bladder is about to explode and i wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

what i'm looking forward to: i have another baby shower this weekend.  i can't wait :)

hopefully soon i will be able to share some of my favorite baby outfits we've gotten thus far, along with the nursery.

i'm not the best at taking weekly baby bump pictures, but here are a few to see how i've grown.

baby B, i just love you so much :)


Kerri Andersen said...

yay! i think you have finally popped!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

Aw you are so adorable!! And getting so close! So excited for you :)

mckenzie Sant said...

Ooh love the name Brooks :)

r o y a l said...

You are TINY!! So you probably don't need maternity pants... you can borrow my skinny pants and wear those as your "maternity" pants. ;)

Tregani Lanham said...

Three things...1 I love your baby bump. 2 I am excited for your shower. 3 I feel like he is coming so soon! I can't wait to meet baby Brooks. You're gonna be the best mom.

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

You look great girl!! What a cute cute name you 2 have chosen. :)