throwback thursday: 365 days ago.

matthew has been home from his mission for 365 days.
who would have thought that in merely one year we would be married
with baby number one on the way?!

if you were wondering how awkward i looked after not seeing matt for just over two years, let me remind you...

maybe it's the pregnancy, but i actually got all teary eyed watching the video of our reunion.
words cannot describe how much i love this boy and how lucky i feel to call him mine.
although the two years we spent apart were hard at times, they were some of the best two years for us to grow together as a couple, and to grow as individuals.

one year ago

picture coming! ha

see the full documented reunion and story here


Miss Kenzie said...

Ahhh I love love love this! I can totally remember what that was like! Its crazy how time can fly! I totally want to see the video of this reunion!


Life as a Bird said...

This is so precious!
It was so great to meet/get to know you today. I can't wait to get to know you more through your blog! :)

Gentri said...

So exciting! :) What a happy anniversary! It was so fun hanging out with you on Saturday!

Ashley Marx said...

those pictures are beautiful! i dont think you look awkward :) it's crazy how time flies once you're married.