coronado: day three

day three
i'm fairly certain i was put on this earth to lay by a pool and read books.
i'm REALLY good at it :)

the weather was perfect lay out weather, but the wind made it cold if you were wet.  i personally didn't do a lot of swimming but the girls and matt did.

after some lunch we headed out for the beach.

their cuteness pretty much kills me if you can't tell.

someone found the popcorn

later that night we headed into san diego for a padres/nationals game.
we took a water taxi from the island to san diego and got some cool pictures of the skyline.

it happened to be 80's night at the game, so we scored these awesome glasses for free.

the stadium is pretty legit.
the game was close the whole time, and padres ended up losing 5-6 in extra innings.

while we were walking back, a man stopped me and said, "excuse me miss, i see you and i just can't help but feel grateful that i'm a man and don't have to suffer through pregnancy like you."
how does one respond to that?!
i just laughed awkwardly...it was very odd.

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Katie said...

you are so cute!! by the pool and in that maxi dress! i want to lay out by a pool - but in private since i dont' own a maternity suit! :)

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