sunday dates.

last week i was m.i.a from the blogging scene.
due to sickness and overall exhaustion, i just needed a break.
baby sure takes it out of me!!
hopefully he will come out pretty soon :)

this week i took up brooklyn's challenge of giving someone an hour of your time.
matthew and i decided to ditch the cell phones and spend our sunday afternoon out in nature.
being nearly 39 weeks pregnant, i've come to realize that my activities and my stamina are slowly dwindling haha so a canyon drive with a little exploring was perfect.

we saw a moose friend.
utah is just beautiful :) i feel lucky to live here, surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, etc.

also this weekend, we hit up the lindon city pool.
i didn't bring my camera but we did get a cell phone pic.
i will tell you what, until my child is born i will be spending my time exclusively at pools.
that is a fact.

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Kim Bird said...

Your bump is adorable! And I LOVE the moose, that probably made the day even better!

Amberly said...

I love her little challenges! :) They encourage me to consciously do something that I should be doing in the first place!