the time i went to the hospital.

once upon a time i was deathly ill.
it started out really slowly.
i began having headaches and getting bouts of dizziness every now and again.
during the heat of the day i was freezing and often times bundled up in a blanket on the couch.
at night, i was sweat balls mcgee even though we had the fan on, window open, and swamp cooler blasting.
i literally would wake up drenched in sweat from head to toe.
after a few days of that, my body began to be extremely weak.  i literally had no energy and i hurt EVERYWHERE.
i kept trying to pass everything off as weird pregnancy things, but the truth was i just did not feel good.
i wasn't sleeping well and i was exhausted.
last monday night was the worst of the worst.
like any pregnant lady, i wake up multiple times a night to go pee.  this particular night, i was waking up every 10-15 minutes, no joke.  i was so upset.  i was so tired and so achy and i just wanted to sleep, but i literally had to pee all the time.
at about 3am i got this pain in my lower side back area, so i decided to take a tub.
(i frequent the middle of the night tub sessions)
i took a tub, hoping it would relax me and i would be able to fall asleep, but that was not the case.
i went back to bed and immediately started sweating bullets, then i had to pee, then i was in pain.
it was miserable.
all the while, my dear husband is sleeping away like a champ.
bless him.
i kept feeling my forehead and thinking i had a fever, but i wasn't for sure.
i then moved to the couch to try and read or watch something because i knew sleep was inevitable.
however, my eyes were so tired and i was so out of it and feeling like death i couldn't concentrate.
i decided to say a prayer.
i prayed to know if i needed to go into the hospital or if i just needed to tough it out.
about a half hour later it was 8am and i decided to wake the husband.
(mind you i was still peeing every ten minutes)

i went into our room and probably started crying.  i don't remember for sure, but i've been doing that a lot lately so i don't doubt it.
i asked him for my phone and i googled
"is it normal to pee every ten minutes when pregnant?"
yeah, i choose good searches!
most of the things i found were women laughing and saying yes, but then i stumbled upon a comment that said you probably have a bladder and/or kidney infection.

so then i typed "bladder and kidney infection" symptoms into google.
sure enough, headaches, sweats, chills, dizziness, frequent urination, pain in the kidney, etc. were all symptoms of the infection.
it said that if you are pregnant to get to the hospital right away.
so that is what we did.
literally threw on clothes and headed to the hospital.
note to self: eat food next time before going to the hospital.
we got there, checked in, and i gave a pee sample.
right away the nurse said, "oh yes, your pee is not normal...something is wrong."
soooo, while they tested my pee i got my very first ever IV.
i'm terrified of needles and all things pokey.
i didn't watch.
and if you look closely you can see that the nurse failed on my left arm and then did a retry on the right.
so essentially, i was stuck two times.  it hurt, but it actually wasn't that bad.
they started pumping fluids into my body which just made me need to pee more.
after the tests came back, i definitely had a bladder infection that was moving up to my kidney.
they said i did the right thing by coming in, as it can become very dangerous to me and to baby.
they added some medicines to my IV and my back/kidney pain began to fade.
the whole time they were monitoring baby and my contractions.
baby was taking it all in like a champ.
i was having relatively no contractions which they just wouldn't accept.
they were certain that someone as sick as i was surely was having contractions.

after 198 trips to the bathroom, 4 hours on the IV, and many ice chips later, they sent me on my way.
i was checked down there and i'm not even dilated in the slightest.
my doctor said something to the extent of, "that wall right there has a better chance of giving birth than you do."
had i been dilated, they would have induced me right then and there, making matthew and i the most unprepared mother and father in the world.
we have nothing packed.
our nursery was in shambles at this point.
baby laundry strewn across our living room floor.
(don't worry though, its basically done now and ready for a baby human to live there)

i am currently on 4 antibiotics a day and i pee quite a bit less than i was.
now i just feel the normal "i'm 39 weeks uncomfortable" that i imagine most pregnant women feel.
all i can say, is that i am extremely grateful for answered prayers.
although it was such a silly thing to type "is it normal to pee every 10 minutes" into google, i know that it was an answer to a prayer, because it led me into the hospital where i needed to be.
i am also very grateful for modern medicine.
i feel SO much better.
now, if i could just make this baby come early.

kuddos to you if you read my novel.
since i've been horrible about actually writing in my journal, this is the next best documentation source.

we did have some fun while at the hospital and sent people pictures making them think i was going into labor.
said people didn't think it was quite as funny as we did! haha :)


Amberly said...

Ah man, this doesn't sound like it was any fun! But I'm glad you guys could find some humor in it at the end!


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

So glad you are feeling better!!! That sound awful! Can't wait to see pics of that little guy in there ;) enjoy this last week or so...babies change everything!!!!!

Mindee and Austin said...

Amy im glad youre OK! Good thinking to use google, that was smart! glad everything is good and that youre feeling better!

aimymichelle said...

haha i can see why people wouldn't think that was funny. but it is a tiny bit amusing for sure!