friday favorites: food.

once you become a wife, you take on many responsibilities that you may or may not have had before.  one of those being cooking.
it is not in my nature to enjoy cooking, but over the past 11 months i have found a way to make it work for me.
behold, my beloved crockpot.
between this, pinterest, and my own creations, we've had some pretty tasty meals!

here are some of our favorites...

these are pretty spicy but oh so yummy!!
(nursing mama's..your baby will not be happy about these)

we had this over rice one night and in tortillas the next night.
seeing as how it's just matt and i, we generally have leftovers.
which is another good thing about the crockpot.... i can cook less! haha

these are seriously so good! we have made them several times with chicken or steak.  we like to butter the inside of the hoagie, sprinkle cheese on top of the meat mixture, and broil it in the oven for a little toasty crunch.
also, i just found random steak seasoning, not the one it called for and it was still tasty & delicious.

i like to buy the uncooked tortillas for these.  also delicious because you can dress them up with whatever toppings you desire.

this was actually better than i expected... and made a great amount of food!


some other things i have made in the crockpot include:
*italian cream cheese chicken
*sweet pork burritos
*chicken noodle soup
*beef stroganoff
*broccoli and cheddar soup
*mac & cheese

and much more

most recipes tell you to put it on low for several hours throughout the day.  i usually start mine around 3 and put it on high for 3.5 hours.  so far, every recipe has worked just fine that way.

do you cook with a crock pot?
what are some other delicious recipes that i need to try?

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Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Those looks awesome! Will try! I do my chicken tacos with pretty much the sae stuff, I just grill the chicken on the stove then pop it in my kitchenaid mixer to shred it...works great! However, the crockpot version would be less work for me!

Brielle said...

my husband is going to be blessing you for posting these! i love cooking in the crockpot, but i pretty much cycle through the same three (vegetarian) meals and i know he has been wanting a little meat in his diet. i'll for sure have to try all of these!

Amberly Lambertsen said...

Glad to know the Phillys are good because they are on the list for our dinner this week! :)