utah's beach.

when brooksy boy was two weeks old we took him on his first boating adventure.

he didn't actually go boating, but he did enjoy the beach.
i have a BIG family and we all love the lake, but sometimes it's hard because we don't all fit.
luckily, utah kind of has it's own beach of sorts.
i present to you utah lake beach in springville

it was so nice to be able to set up a shade awning for the babies and kids, and also for the boat to be able to pull up right to the shore.

dippin his toes in for the first time.  i'm pretty sure he stayed asleep during this haha

we bought these stunnas for baby but clearly they are a little too big.  sunni girl took them off our hands.

oldest nephew tanner and his friend that is a girl, kayla.

oaklee, my dad, and brother mike, who happened to be in town from texas.

brother jeff and wife chelsey

niece alli girl.

colty boy.

best cousins.. belle and alli


my younger brother bryce and baby haze

his wife caitlin and brooks

haze david

chels and sunni

sister in law amber with my hot mama.

and my cutest baby boy.
don't you just want to squeeze those chubbiest cheeks?!

i'm so thankful that both mine and matt's families live so close and that we are able to spend so much time with them.  we are blessed!


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

He is so cute!! What a fun beach day with the fam. That's what summer is all about!

Alyx said...

So cute!!! I definitely wish we had family closer!!