my blue eyed boys.

the other night we were trying to think of something fun to do.
we ended up taking a nakey baby outside with a blanket and just enjoying the summer night.
it ended up being so fun!

it's no surprise that brooks looks just like his daddy.
if you compare my baby pictures to brooks, the bottom half of his face looks like mine, but no one notices unless i point it out haha.

i love my blue eyed boys.

baby boy loves being outside.  he's at the age where he is now interested in what's going on around him.  it is so fun to watch him stare at things and follow sounds.
he also likes to kiss mom.

and he's now starting to smile a lot while he is awake.
it is the sweetest thing.

love his little smirk.

sometimes being a mom is hard.  sometimes it's a lot of work.  sometimes i wish i could run to the store to pick up something without having to load up the baby and haul his gear around.  but then when i am away from him for more than an hour, i miss him so much.

he is my little buddy.  we basically do everything together. i love the sweet moments in the morning when i look over and brooks is bright eyed and calm as can be just looking around.  i love in the tub when he sticks his little foot over the edge and dips it in the water.  i love how he always grabs the neck of my shirt and holds on for dear life.  it's the little moments that make me realize how precious this little human really is.

becoming a mother is the sweetest gift i have ever been given.
poopy diapers and all.


Cara Howard said...

Get outta here! Your son is SO perfect and handsome!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

he is soooooooooo cute, amy!!!

Anonymous said...

He is so precious! I agree, being a mother is hard but it definitely pays off seeing them smile and enjoy the life you gave them.

www.shewritesherownstory.com xo

Jessi said...

Aw what a darling baby boy :) He does look like his daddy!