a name and a blessing.

on august 4th we blessed our sweet baby boy.
he was given a name and a blessing by his father.

brooks was blessed with strength and intelligence throughout his life.  

he was blessed to council with his Heavenly Father and constantly to seek guidance as he makes decisions and grows.  

he was blessed with a quiet confidence to succeed in his endeavours.

he was blessed with loving parents and family that will always support him.

he was blessed with the spirit to help him know wrong from right.

he was blessed with the desire to serve others and focus on missionary work.

it was such a sweet experience for our little family to have friends and family gather together as we blessed this sweet baby boy.
there is no doubt in my mind that brooks is a special child, that his Heavenly Father knows him, and that He loves him.

i feel so blessed to have been given this precious, perfect, heaven sent baby boy to mother and love for the rest of my life.


Ashley Eliza said...

such a cute post & cute pictures! i just love it!!! happy blessing day to baby brooks :)


Anna said...

I love this post. The blessings and the pictures are things you'll want to remember forever! Your baby boy is good lookin'! :)

Amy said...

So sweet! :) What a handsome lovey! Happy Blessing Day! :)

Nichole Keele said...

oh my goodness, he is so precious!

Cara Howard said...

Love love LOVE your little guy and his precious smiles. So sweet. Such a blessing!