family vacation.

about a week ago we went to lake powell.
it was our first vacation as a little family of three.

lake powell is one of my favorite places on the earth, and i was excited to take brooks there.

we are so lucky to have an angel baby.
he didn't mind his life jacket, he loved the boat, slept great at nights, and loved the water (which was actually colder than usual this time of year)

i noticed that now that i'm a mother i'm much more nervous and cautious about things.  i didn't want matt to jump off cliffs that were too high, or go to crazy on the tube.  

but being the adrenaline junkie that he is, he still was able to have a good time.
and i just know that brooks is going to be just like his daddy in a few years.
fearless and full of energy.

my husband is a nut
brooksy and i just watched from the boat and took pictures. haha

my mom is a babe

beautiful sunrise

happy morning baby

one night we had a glow stick swim party

my name. sort of 

and brooksy made a new friend, henry :)

first family trip was a success!  we can't wait to go back over labor day weekend.
love lake powell


Kerri Andersen said...

i love brooks he is so cute! he always has this adorable concerned look on his face! haha love it :)

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Fun! That baby is sooooo cute!! You look great!

Jamie Pilgrim said...

Precious! It looks amazing there! Your babe definitely knows how to pull some hilarious faces!

I have no idea what I'd be like as a mother, I'm the adrenaline junkie between us! Looks like super fun though!

Cara Howard said...

I LOVE your little guy so much. Seriously he is a STUD!!!

Paul Sethag said...

WOW ! this is really nice blog, you have share such a beautiful family vacations photographs .Your kids are so cute ...

Regards Paul