two months.

my baby boy is growing too fast!

at his 2 month check up:
weight: 13 pounds 1 ounce (70th percentile)
height: 25 inches (99th percentile)
head: 16.25 inches (96th percentile)

he always has the most concerned look on his face and 90% of the time if he is holding still, this is the position his hands are in.

brooks is the happiest little baby.  in the last month he has become so much more alert and aware of things around him.  he recognizes his momma and daddy's voices and he loves to talk back.  he is a little lizard and sticks out his tongue all the time, it is the cutest thing.

he has the perfect little face, and if you can't tell i'm pretty obsessed :)

cars were driving by outside and he was looking around to find the noise

mid sneeze haha i love how his whole body gets into it.

i could just eat him up.

at 2 months he likes:
-being held facing out so he can see what is going on.
-being outside
-being told he is cute.. seriously he smiles every time i say the word cute.

he dislikes:
-when other babies cry
-carseat and long car rides
-his gassy little tummy

i'm such a whimp, but every time we have gone to the doctor and he has gotten shots i've cried.  i do not like watching him be tortured. haha although it probably is really harder on me than it is on him.
he is a healthy baby and growing like a weed!
in the last two weeks brooksy boy has started sleeping through the night.  he usually wakes up at about 6 or 6:30 to eat and then he goes back to sleep until 9.

i don't know what matt and i did to deserve such a good little guy.  i'm convinced that God blessed me with an awesome baby since my pregnancy was less than stellar.  he has been such a joy and light in our lives.
i know that i was put on this earth to be a mother to this little boy.
he is everything :)

happy 2 months baby boy.  stop growing so fast.


jason & kiley. said...

Jamillie is 1 inch shorter, 2 pounds heavier and exact same size head.... at 4 months!

Cara Howard said...

I LOVE HIM. Happy 2 months Brooks! He is the most handsome baby ever. I mean that!

Courtney B said...

Ooooh he is SO CUTE! How can you not love that sweet face?
And it's totally okay to cry over the shots. Those are so rotten! I wish they'd come up with a pain free way to immunize!

Katie said...

he is SOOO cute!! what time does he go down for the night? tell me how you got him to sleep that long!! we need help over here! :)

Lex said...

He is just the cutest. :)

kurt and angel blain :) said...

He is seriously one adorable little guy!!! love the pics you took of him to. So cute!!!

Amy said...

Oh so handsome! :) Love the bowtie!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

He is SO cute!

Sparkles and Shoes

Kelsey Eaton said...

What a cutie!!

Ashley Eliza said...

i just love him!!! he's so handsome!