one month.

my sweet boy is one month old today.
his one month stats are:

weight: 10 pounds 5 ounces - 70th percentile
height: 22 inches - 64th percentile
head circumference: 15 1/2 inches - 65th percentile

pretty average across the board, but pretty stinkin adorable.

time is flying by.  i can't believe my newborn isn't quite so newborn anymore.  he has been such a good baby thus far...we have really lucked out.

at one month brooks loves
-bath time
-sleeping on his belly (heavily supervised of course)
-his vibrating swing
-being cuddled
-sleeping on his side

he hates
-when the car stops moving and he's in his car seat
-cold water
-gas bubbles in his tummy
-gripe water
-when mom eats spicy food
-being swaddled

he has become so much more alert.  he has several more awake periods throughout the day which are so fun!  he loves to be held, but he also loves to have what we call "wiggle time." when he is awake  he lays on a blanket and wiggles all his toots out.  it's probably his favorite thing..haha.
he has discovered his tongue and is always sticking it out.  it is the cutest thing.  he smiles all the time in his sleep and has smiled a few times while awake.  

we sure love this baby of ours.  i can't imagine life without him.  he melts my heart daily and i could just squeeze him to pieces.
we love you baby boy!!


Kerri Andersen said...

aw so precious! i wish i was cool enough to do cute photoshoots with my baby like that. don't you love how their tummies like bulge out? they are so fun to squish. haha. brooks is so adorable!!

Sophie McIntyre said...

He is such a cutie! And is growing so fast! The photoshop was more than adorable.

shayla. said...

this is darling!!

Helene in Between said...

oh he is so precious!! happy one month!

Alyx said...

Elsie loves her wiggle time, too! I think it's her favorite part of the day. Tummy time... not so much. I have to make sure her belly is full and her diaper is clean before we even think about tummy time, otherwise she will pitch a fit!!

Brooks sure is a cutie!

Cara Howard said...

I LOVE HIM! He is so handsome! Also - CONGRATS on winning the PayPal giveaway!!! SO GLAD it was you!!!

Marsa said...

so cuuute!
the last time i saw you he was still in your bell! happy birthday to your sweet little boy :)
what a lucky one he is!

The DayLee Journal

Deidre said...

He's beautiful! And that knitted onsie - AMAZINGLY beautiful.

Amy said...

Adorable pictures! What a handsome little man!

erica marie said...

Oh you've got a cutie there! Adorable photos.

xo erica

erica marie said...

Oh you've got a cutie there! Adorable photos.

xo erica

erica marie said...

Oh you've got a cutie there! Adorable photos.

xo erica