while in the hospital, brooksy boy had a lot of visitors.
right from the beginning he was loved by many.
i mean, come on, how could you not love this little face?!

of course we had his grandparents
bapaj and GG (matt's parents)

honey and pawpaw (my parents)

aunt caitlin, uncle bryce, and baby cousin haze

uncle drew

cousin alli

aunt chelsey with alli and macie

cousins hannah and tucker

cousin haven

aunt cara and uncle aaron

scott and kristi

cousins mason, tanner, and oaklee

there were many other visitors who came to the hospital and to our house once we came home that we forgot to get pictures with.
needless to say we are so blessed with love and support from family and friends.
we couldn't do it without them!

birth story here
birth story video here
newborn pictures here

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