on being a mom.

this morning i wake up to a bright-eyed, smiley boy cuddling next to me.
mornings with brooks are the best.  we lay there for a good half hour and smile and talk to each other.
we usually take pictures to send to dad and we check instagram together. haha but seriously.

today after our morning routine, i decided to give brooks a bath in the kitchen sink.  he loves bath time.

right as i got him out he began to fuss, and i figured he was just cold so i wrapped him tightly in his towel and hugged him close.
he then proceeded to projectile vomit all over me, himself, the towel, and the floor.
it was so sad.  he was whining and i could tell he was in pain.

my plans of showering, cleaning the house, going shopping, etc. were immediately put on hold.
as i held my helpless baby boy, i got this overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness.
i am so grateful to be a stay at home mom.  i am so happy that i am the one that gets to sit here and rock my baby boy to sleep and make his tummy feel better.
i have been thinking about going to work part time and this moment and experience made me realize that my job is to be a mother. my job is to stay at home.
to hold this sweet little thing and offer comfort.  it is what brings me happiness.  i know that i am exactly where i am supposed to be.

and that is exactly where i want to be.
i never knew that i was capable of feeling so much love for something so little.
i am so thankful for a loving husband who supports my decision to stay home.  one who works a little longer and a little harder, so that we can survive the world with only one income.
all the stress, worry, trials, and hard times are so worth it when his little face lights up and he smiles.

being a wife and a mother is the greatest gift i have been blessed with.


Lex said...

Love this! And I hope Brooks starts feeling better soon!!

Ashley Wright said...

Love this so much and I couldn't agree more!

Cara Howard said...

I LOVE this post so much Amy! AH I am so proud of you!!! This is so beautiful! What an honorable, wonderful, beautiful, fulfilling, and PERFECT thing to be a momma. I can't wait for my turn!

kurt and angel blain :) said...

Being a momma is the best!! And being able to stay home with him is even better! I love being a stay at home mom with jerz. Yes some days are hard but it all makes it worth it when they give you those hugs, kisses, and smiles :) so glad you are loving babe. You are a cute momma!!!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

I live in constant fear of getting pregnant our first year of marriage. But seeing your cute family and hearing you talk about your baby makes me feel like if it happened I would be okay and I'd love it <3 Thanks for your positive outlook!