one year down. eternity to go!

august 31 was our first anniversary.
we spent it in lake powell.
we haven't eaten the top of our cake yet, and we didn't get each other presents.
just being together is enough :)

one year ago.


a lot has happened in a year.
our first house, first pregnancy, got a new car, graduated school, switched jobs multiple times, had a baby etc. etc.

it's definitely been a good one.  marrying matthew was the best decision i have ever made.  if the next 50+ years are going to be like our first year, then bring it on... i can't wait!

last night we were talking about some of our favorite moments of the first year, and the majority of them were small, simple things like taking drives, playing uno into the wee hours, talking in bed late at night, laughing so hard that i pee my pants.. and so on.  it's the details that really make our marriage and relationship so great.

i know that life isn't always happy hunky dory, and maybe that's the picture that i paint here on this blog of mine.  but in all honesty, my life has been pretty amazing since we've been married.  it really hasn't been that hard or that big of an adjustment.  i think our dating years taught us the importance of communication, compromise, and selflessness.  being faithful, living righteously, and keeping Christ in our lives has also helped us along the way.  

i know that hard times will come, and there will be struggles, but for now, i'm going to enjoy and soak in every minute of bliss and happiness this guy brings in my life.
because without him, i wouldn't have this guy

and let's be honest, he's too cute for words :)

matthew brooks harris, i love you more than words can say. 
i am excited to continue this journey we have started.
one year down, eternity to go!

and in case you missed the wedding goodness
herehere, or here


Tregani Lanham said...

you two were made for each other. love

Meg said...

I love this post! Congrats!! You two are THE cutest! Xo

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

Congratulations on the first year!

Sparkles and Shoes

Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

This is so sweet!!!

Amy said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! :)

Kelsey Eaton said...

Found you from the bloggers near SLC group :) What a sweet post! You were married one day before us!



Ashley Eliza said...


I really cannot believe it's been a year. that FLEW! You guys were one of my favorite couples to date to work with. your wedding was just as pretty as you! love ya!


Brooklyn McKenna said...

Aw you are too cute! Congrats on your one year! :) And your baby. I want to steal him! <3