sometimes i get stressed about money. i feel bad spending it or complaining that we don't have enough when i'm not bringing any in.  

sometimes i feel like i'm "just" a stay at home mom, as if it's not good enough.

sometimes i feel like i need to do more.

sometimes i get annoyed because my husband works too long and too hard.

sometimes i feel selfish.

sometimes i cry about above things.


i always have a husband that reminds me the being a stay at home mom IS good enough and supports my decision 110%

i always have a baby boy that brings more joy and happiness into my life than i could have ever imagined.  who turns my tears into laughter within minutes.

i always have friends who will bring me drinks and spend hours doing nothing but talking.  and those hours doing nothing usually end up being the best part of my day.

i always have a Heavenly Father who i can turn to in prayer, who will comfort me when i feel down and send angels into my life to lift me up.


Tregani Lanham said...

Love you wom

Ashley Wright said...

Amen to all of this!

jason & kiley. said...

I feel the same way! Man I wish we could get paid to stay at home and do all we do! Haha and Brooks is seriously the most adorable little boy ever!

jason & kiley. said...

And yes... we totally should have a baby play date! I will be down there in a few weeks to watch my nephew for a couple of days :)

Amy said...

I'm just reading this now. And I totally agree with you on everything you wrote. I feel the exact same way. I feel so badly when I bring up these concerns to Luke & he, just like Matt, reminds me that I have one of the most important responsibilities that there is. Sending you a hug!