the hidden gem.

i've lived in utah county my whole life.
never did i know this place existed.
behold, battle creek falls.

here's how it went down.
one Saturday afternoon matt was watching football, i'm was peeping the gram, and baby was sleeping.
on instagram i see someone post a picture of a waterfall and ask matt where it's at.
he looked it up online and we found out it literally is one mile from our house.

naturally, we had to go check it out.
we extended a quick invite to some friends, and within the hour we found ourselves in the parking lot of battle creek canyon.
gotta love impromptu adventures.
it just kind of fell into place and it was great. 

it's the perfect little hike. more like an advanced walk. haha my kind of hiking for sure :)
pure beautiful.

jake and charlie joined along in our jaunt.

the mccarty's

the harris'

the lanham's

battle creek falls is pretty legit.
if you live in or near utah county and you have never been, you definitely need to go.
we already have plans to return.
love finding little gems.

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Kerri Andersen said...

i wanna go. is it in provo? i forget if you live in provo or not...haha