my husband thinks he's pretty funny.

sometimes i flip people off as a joke.
i know it's not very lady like or classy, but i do it.
and in this post you will see.
don't say i didn't warn you.

matt didn't stop.
and obviously i wasn't amused.

and yeah, i look like a charging bull. so what?
he loves me, and i love him.
even when he won't stop talking pictures.


Eryka said...

Ohh AMY I love you! I do the same thing to Dan sometimes. He loves to take pictures of it and then Insta them and then of course I get mad and make him delete them! haha.


Rachel McCarty said...

hahaha i am going to reply to your writing on my blog here. We get to know on MONDAY! pretty excited. also i am about to look into the thing you tagged me in some more. and also i liked your currently post.

Dearest Lou said...

Hahahha! Oh my goodness is this for real? Your face in the last two are priceless (; I would have definitely put down the camera.. your husband is one brave man!

Dearest Lou