three months.

my little buddy is three months old. (more like 3 and a half).
i love the stage that he is currently in.  he is discovering so much of the world around him, and it's fun to watch him learn new things.
the little turd is now attracted to the television and loves to watch football with his daddy.

we didn't take him to the doctor this month, so i don't know his exact stats for three months, but here is my best guess.

weight: 14 pounds
height: 26.5 inches

he is getting to be quite the chub!  i love his little leg rolls.  and man does he have the best little butt cheeks :)

at three months he enjoys tummy time a whole lot more because he can hold his big head up a lot better.  when he gets tired he lays his head on his arms and sucks on them so hard he gets hickeys. haha

he LOVES to be outside.  he doesn't make a peep and just observes everything around him.

he really is the happiest little guy.  he's starting to giggle a lot more, but he sure makes you work for it.

don't you just wanna goo that arm fat?

he's become very vocal and aware of his hands.  i love talking to him or singing because he will talk back.  he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth and sucks like there is no tomorrow.  he's just started to hold onto toys and play with them like he knows what he's doing.  he has become quite the little pincher and grabber.. it's not uncommon that he is pinching the crap out of my neck with one hand while holding onto my hair with the other. 

and his sweet baby blues just melt my heart.

at three months he loves:
-looking at books
-bath time in the real bathtub
-being outside
-watching tv
-putting everything in his mouth
-his blankies

he hates:
-getting his boogers sucked
-long car rides

brooks is still sleeping through the night like a champ.  we just moved into a new place and i swore i would move him into his own room when we got all settled.  well, that hasn't happened yet because i just love having him next to me.  my favorite thing ever is when he wakes up in the morning and comes and nuggles between matt and i.

i love this baby boy so much.  if matt let me, i would have another! but for now, i will enjoy this happy, chubby, smiley boy to the fullest extent.


Brielle said...

oh he is too toooo cute! seriously, i'm dying. i just wanna squish him!

Amy said...

Handsome, handsome, handsome! Isn't amazing how fast they change?

Cara Howard said...

What a sweet and handsome little peanut pie!!!