november happy list.

<< happy list >>

-rainy days
-hot chocolate
-feeling grateful
-family time
-fresh born babies
-cuddling with my boys
-mashed potatoes
-sweaters, boots, hats etc.
-an abundance of blessings
-jesus christ
-the gospel

last sunday, we had a lesson at church on being thankful.  the whole time i sat there i couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sensation for all the good things i have in my life.  unfortunately, sometimes one bad thing can make us temporarily forget all the good things we really have.  i am making a conscious effort this month to count my blessings by saying them vocally, writing them down, praying, etc.  i know that as i do this throughout the month, that i can build a habit that will continue on throughout the rest of my life.  as i remember the good and have a thankful heart, i know that i will be an all around happier person and hopefully share that happiness to those around me.


Cara Howard said...

AMEN love this post. Girly, you need to do an interview or fun feature post on my blog ASAP because I want all my followers to follow you! Your little blog is one of my all-time FAVS. xoxo Oh PS have you read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp? It's all about thankfulness. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Amy said...

You are so right girl! And by the way mashed potatoes can make anything better. :)

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

Love sweaters and boots! Cuddling with the kiddos is nice too;) Hope you are enjoying the weekend! xoxo