5 months old.

i love this little boy so much.

5 months old

i'm not 100% about his height and weight but this is what we got
height: 28 inches
weight: 18 pounds

he is a growing boy! he's got the chubbiest, meatiest little legs but he is oh so long.  his little waist is tiny and still fits 0-3 month pants.

brooks is at such a fun age... i wish i could just make time stop for awhile.  he has recently discovered his feet and always trying to stick them in his mouth.  he always crosses his legs when he's laying down and it's the cutest thing.  i don't know why i love it so much.

at 5 months brooks loves

-FOOD, especially fruit
-his exersaucer
-getting tickled 
-being outside
-sticking anything&everything in his mouth
-morning nuggles in bed with mom & dad
-Johnny jump up

and as always, he still HATES his car seat/riding in the car.
i'm not sure we will ever get over that.

he is in size 3 diapers and wears clothes ranging from 0-12 months.  
he is now rolling from his tummy to back and back to tummy.
his hair is finally starting to grow in and it looks like he's gonna be a little blondie like his daddy.
people are starting to say that he looks more like me but i don't see it at all!!  initially everyone says he looks just like matt, but i don't really see that either.

who do you ladies and (gentlemen?) think he looks like?
leave your opinion below, yo!

also for my fellow baby mama's out there.  i'm needing him to take a bottle fairly soon and he just won't... any tips or suggestions?
thanks and love.

brooks by the months


Amy said...

Goodness gracious! What a handsome little man! Chunky thighs are the absolute best!

Cara Howard said...

SO handsome SO perfect. Need to snuggle this peanut SO BADLY!

jason & kiley. said...

Does he take a sippy of water? Jamillie did and so I started putting water in a bottle and she took it, and then she started taking breast milk in a bottle and then I switched to formula :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

You really do have one of the cutest babies, by the way. Seriously. Also, we need to hang out! It was SO GOOD chatting with you at the awful waffle, but I think it's time to hang out again.