staple your style.

i was invited by Modcloth to participate in their weekly polyvore outfit challenge.
basically they provide the staple and then i get to style it however i desire using different pieces from the Modcloth store.
first, if you have never looked at the Modcloth site, you need to go now.
they have the CUTEST clothes, shoes, and accessories.  several pieces have made it on my christmas list :)
i love the variety and that the clothes are available in a wide range of sizes.. there really is something for everyone.

this weeks challenge was to style the
"staple of your style" dress

this is what i came up with.
i would definitely wear this to a holiday party or to church.
i love all the colors on the dress... i was thinking it would look really cute with a colored cardigan as well.  the possibilities are endless.

Staple of your style ft. Modcloth

Staple of your style ft. Modcloth by amylynn188 featuring a chain necklace

would you wear this outfit? what would you do differently?

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Amanda Schroeder said...

I could obsess all day with modcloth. I love them !