brooks meets santa.

we paid $19 dollars for brooks to meet santa.
our cell phone pictures turned out better than the "professional" ones.
go figure.

brooks was curious about santa's beard and gave it a nice tug or two.  
santa seemed to think that brooks wanted a car or truck, but i'm pretty sure he asked for a baby brother.
brooks made the nice list and was rewarded with a sucker.
which he LOVED.
it was a sad day when i took it away.
until next year santa!


Amy said...

Look at that stylish babe!

The Marvelous Flight of Cara said...

Oh. Mylanta. That SMILE!!!!! Gosh he's handsome, Amy. xoxo

Chelsey said...

i kinda feel like this is an announcement....

Brielle said...

uhhh are you pregnant? i feel like you've been dropping hints haha i would LOVE that. brooks is the cutest thing so i'm pretty sure you should constantly procreate.