new year.

i always love the new year.
clean pages, starting fresh, making goals.. ahh it's so refreshing.
however, i always feel like a few weeks/months down the road the excitement is lost and my goals get pushed aside or lost in the shuffle of the daily grind.
i haven't actually written any of my goals down yet, as they are all just bouncing around in my head but i saw this idea on a blog (for the life of me i can't remember whose it was.. so i'm sorry i can't give credit where credit is due) and i thought it was a fun alternative to simply listing goals..soooo i'm borrowing it :)

a bad habit i'm going to break:
checking my cell phone 1,000 a day.  
today i was playing blocks with brooks telling him the colors and shapes and right in the middle of it i found myself grabbing my phone to check instagram.  seriously?! i am so ridiculous. 

a new skill i'd like to learn:
i would like to learn to sew.
i asked for a sewing machine next christmas so i'm hoping to learn the basics throughout the year in time for a sewing machine.

a person i hope to be more like:
our Savior, Jesus Christ.
selfless, caring, loving, without judgement

a good deed i'm going to do:
i am going to pick up someone's bill in a drive thru and be more aware of service opportunities daily.

a place i'd like to visit:
i would like to visit the beach/cave where matt proposed to me in California, and also take my baby to disneyland.

a book i'd like to read:
i plan on reading 27 books before september, so pretty much anything i can get my hands on.
(open to suggestions)

a letter i'm going to write:
letters to some missionaries, love note to my husband, and gain a penpal.

a new food i'd like to try:
i'm pretty content with my current food selections. 

i'm going to do better at:
many things...
showing/telling the people i love more often,
cleaning my house,
not avoiding people i know at stores,
growing spiritually,
and more.

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Amy said...

Love how you made all of these goals for 2014! Love the idea of love notes to your hubby!