NYE 2013

one of the great things about being married to matthew is that we often do things on a whim.
that is how our NYE happened.
we decided to take the train up to salt lake city to see the lights at temple square, a fun tradition we had yet to do.  and lucky we did, because it was the last night.

 we brought along our niece, oaklee, who was a great help and our picture taker. haha
it was so nice to take the train and not have to worry about parking and driving on such a busy, crazy night.  plus, during the holidays up to six people can ride the train for only $15 so it ended up being cheaper than driving too :)

brooks had the time of his life being out of his car seat. he thought it was the best thing ever to stick his face against the cold window and sit in his own chair.

the salt lake temple is one of my favorites. matthew and i were married there and every time i go and see it i am reminded of the special feelings and immense happiness i felt that day.  plus, it is extremely beautiful.

(some kind man offered to take our picture and then cut us in awkward half haha)

 after freezing our buns off, we ate some delicious food, and headed back to catch our train.  the downfall was that the schedule was wrong and we had to sit for 35 minutes outside waiting for the next train.  thankfully do to modern technology, we were able to pass the time watching netflix on our phones.
we made it home just in time to pick up a martenelli's and head home to watch the last 20 minutes of dick clark's NYE show.

we ended the night with some smooches and called it good.
us old folks can't party like we used to and i
wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way.



Rachel Lloyd said...

I love the little baby pea coat! that has to be the cutest thing ever. I wish that I could have gotten to see the lights at temple square this year. Hopefully next year!

McKenzie said...

looks like the perfect new years! your family is seriously so ridiculously beautiful amy!

Life with Amberly said...

Lots of fun!! :) And the cutest baby ever!