today i am flying on an airplane with my baby child to go visit my sister in california.
she recently had her own baby child the end of october.
i went for a visit then, but never documented... so seeing as how i am off today, i felt it was appropriate to blog about my last visit.

michael HOLLIS elton

he was born october 24, 2013
and he was small for our families side of babies.
brooks looked like a giant monster baby compared to him.


my mom and 4 out of 16 grandkids.
all the grandkids call her "honey"  which i think is pretty cute.
it came to be when my oldest nephew (who is now nearly 17) kept calling her "mom."  he would say everyone else's name but when it came to grandma he would say 'mom.'  someone suggested that maybe he didn't like the sound of grandma and to try something else, so my mom said "honey..."  and from that day forward it stuck.

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Amy said...

Oh your Mama is adorable! Love how they call her Honey!