6 months old.

i figured i better bust this post out before he turns 7 months old.

six months has been such a fun age.
brooks has learned to sit up, scoot around, and is trying reeeal hard to crawl.  he wants it so bad, but can't quite figure out how to push his knees under him without face planting.
he has started laughing and giggling all the time.  i'm fairly certain he has an imaginary friend because he is constantly laughing at walls :)
he loves to copy sounds we make or if we cough he loves to fake cough.
he LOVES strangers.
he is the biggest flirt when we are shopping and is always charming people with his smile.  he is such a friendly, happy boy but he does love his mama.

weight: 18 pounds 6 ounces
height: 28 3/4 inches

brooks has got his two little bottom teethies this past week.

at 6 months brooks loves
-reading books
-being sung to
-fisher price phone apps
-drinking water out of a cup
-food in all forms
-giving open mouth kisses
-cuddling when tired
-stroking faces

he hates
-falling asleep on his own
-long car rides
-getting dressed

i am so lucky to be his momma!


melanie @nowaqueen said...

adorable! Can't wait for my one to get to 6 months (not to rush his life or anything!) I love his little foe-hawk!

Amy said...

Aww! Such a doll! This is such a fun age!

Katie said...

he is so cute! how funny about laughing at walls! i always feel real proud when addilyn laughs at me and then I the pillow gets the same amout of laughing.

Alacia Hood said...

You and your darling family! I just love it!