the cabin.

christmas break was started off on the best note.
we headed up to uncle bob's cabin for a weekend getaway with some friends.

 it was the quaintest, coziest little cabin tucked away in the mountains of kamas.
the first night we got settled in and spent the night eating delicious treats and chatting away.  

the next morning we woke up, made breakfast, and played the day away.
sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling...basically all things snow!

 sidenote: every time matt and i get on motorized vehicles together we crash hard and get hurt big time.  once on our prom day date we flipped a four wheeler on top and over us, while rolling down the mountain.
another time, we were on a motorcycle and slid down a gravel hill managing to fall off.  matt got really bad exhaust burns on his leg.. it was no bueno.
so needless to say, i was a bit hesitant to ride with him on the snowmobile haha but i am happy to report there were no injuries or mishaps of any kind.

we ended the night with a roaring game of UNO.  basically we have an UNO group that gets together on a regular basis and has a running score tab.  it's pretty legit.
let's just say that i usually win.. haha

tregani created this awesome video for us that basically recaps all the great things about the trip.
as you can see, brooks was definitely the center of everything.
watch this.. i promise it will make your day :)

i'm hoping uncle bob's cabin will become a yearly tradition.


Corinne Mower said...

It's official: Cutest Baby Award! Gosh he is adorable. And are you m'lady!

Kelsey Eaton said...

that looks totally magical! i love it! looks like you guys had a great time! :)

Katie said...

how fun! love the pictures of the three of you outside! and glad no one got hurt :)