number two.

hello, all.
for those of you who don't follow me on instagram or facebook, i have some quite exciting news to share.

i am nineteen weeks pregnant with baby number two...who happens to be a little girl :)

i found out i was with child at the beginning of february and for the heck of it, we decided to keep it a secret from pretty much everyone until may 1.
here is the story of how it all went down...

i had been taking pregnancy tests pretty regularly just for fun a few months after brooks was born.  i didn't have periods because i was nursing, so i had no idea what my cycle was or when i was ovulating.  the tests were always negative and that was that.  in december i had my first period, but then in january i never had one. so i took a test (or three) and they were all negative.
i just figured because i was breastfeeding my cycle was all out of whack.

at the beginning of february i still hadn't had a period.  one sunday we went to my parents for dinner and i felt so, so sick.  i didn't really even think i was pregnant, but the next day i decided to take a test not really preparing for it to say positive... but sure enough it was positive.

i sat there shocked and said out loud to myself, "holy shiz, we are gonna have two kids."
of course, matt wasn't home and didn't even know that i was going to take a test.  i played a few scenarios in my head and almost just called him to tell him over the phone, however i decided to be a little more creative.

i had seen this idea on pinterest and thought it was kind of cute and funny so i quickly whipped out a little sign, knowing that matt would be home anytime.

because of the confusing period thing i had no idea how far along i was, but figured i would be due in october or november.  i placed the sign on brooks' crib and just planned for matt to notice it whenever he noticed.
however, the timing god's were in my favor.  brooks went down for a nap and awhile later matt came home.  after about five minutes of matt returning, brooks woke up and it was perfect.  i sent matt in there to retrieve brooks knowing that he would see the sign.

matt goes in and comes out with brooks, but doesn't say anything. oh, and i pretty much had a poo eating grin on my face as soon as matt walked in the door.  i was so awkward, but he didn't even notice.
so matt says nothing and i'm baffled.
"um, did you see the note we left for you on his crib?"
matt: "no, not really.  i saw a paper."
me: "you should probably go read it."

go figures, men!
haha so matt went in, read the sign, and came out with a giant grin.
"for reals?" he asked..and i said "for reals."

then we talked about how crazy it was and how far apart this baby would be from brooks, how we would need a double stroller, and all sorts of other random things.

then i said, "let's not tell anyone. for a long, long time.  let's see how long we can last."

and so we didn't.  we kept our little secret until i was 18 weeks pregnant and knew we were having a little princess.
and somewhere in between found out that this little lady will make her presence here on earth 
october 5th, 2014.

we are so excited.  i feel so blessed to be able to carry this little human.  i am grateful that my body is able to do so with little to no trouble.  i am anxious for her to arrive and see what our girl babies will look like.  i am nervous as heck to have them so close, but it is what i wanted and what God saw fit for us.  (they will be almost 16 months apart)  more than anything, i am overjoyed.  motherhood is every bit as great as i have always dreamed it would be.

^^baby bump sighting^^


Amy said...

OH MY WORD! I can't believe I missed this on IG! I'm so happy for you! Congrats!

Lex said...

YAY!! Congrats! :)

Ali Mills said...

Congrats girl!!

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