9 months old.

i'm kind of horrible at keeping up with brooks' monthly updates.
i'm even worse at writing in his baby book or my actual journal, therefore i have to go back and document month nine.

at nine months brooks is quite difficult when it comes to holding still for pictures.
he did NOT want to lay down and he wanted to grab the camera.
the only way to get him to sit still was to let him go to town on his puffs.

weight: 20 pounds 7 ounces (60%)
height: 29.5 inches (90%)

at nine months brooks gained two top teeth which caused him to have a constant runny nose.
his two top teeth were not his middle front teeth, they are the fang teeth and it makes him look like a cute little hippo.

his little hands and feet are my favorite.  i love watching him learn and discover new things.  he's gotten so good at using his hands and fingers to grab, pick up, and feed himself.

at nine months brooks loves:

-to wave hello & bye-bye
-give "moochies" (kisses)
-give high fives
-loves when people clap for him
-his daddy..so very obsessed with dad
-eat, eat, & eat some more
-sleeping with mom & dad
-playing outside

brooks is the cutest, happiest little dude.  he has yet to crawl but he has been taking a few steps on his own and walks around furniture all day long.  he also has learned to army crawl and will resort to that if absolutely necessary.  he always has his little tongue sticking out with his toothy smile...it's pretty great.

i asked matt what his top 5 favorite things about brooks at nine months are and this is what he said:
1. his constant babbling: he can say dada, mama, baba, wow, and all sorts of gibberish.
2. his silly little hippo teeth
3. his fearlessness in walking, standing, and exploring the world.
4. how content he is while playing with toys, eating, playing outside, etc.
5. the occasional nuggles he gives when he's tired, and how much he loves his daddy.

at nine months brooks is not a fan of:

-his car seat 
-sleeping in his room...we have hit a serious sleep regression/bad habit of nursing to sleep and it's KILLING me.  this little boy knows how to work the system haha
-peas, green beans, and mixed vegetable baby food

my baby is growing up way too fast.

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