10 months old.

in just two days this little boy will be 11 months.

at 10 months brooks is now walking all over the place.  he has gotten so brave and does not rely on people to help him anymore.  he's gotten good at balancing and picking things up, and then continues walking.

brooks gained/is gaining three new teeth this month.  his two middle teeth, and one more on the bottom.  it was a bit rough there for a few nights, but now that they have poked through his gums he is a much happier camper and is starting to sleep better.

don't let his happy, beaming face fool you... at 10 months brooks has perfected his screaming and throwing tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants.  he is one demanding little sucker and he knows what he wants.
he is now aware of people he knows versus strangers.  he used to smile at everyone no matter who it was.  now he gives you the stare down until he is comfortable.

he is the most curious little guy and is into EVERYTHING.  he destroys the coffee table probably 10 times a day, but it's entertaining and it allows me to get stuff done.  he loves to follow me around and hang on my legs while i'm cooking or doing laundry.

brooks has the best little hippo teeth.  i'm a little bit sad that his other teeth are coming in, because for the last two months he has only had those two fang teeth on top and it makes for the best, goofiest smiles.

at ten months brooks loves:
-swimming/hot tubs
-his mom, dad, grandma, cousin oaklee, and treg
-eating people food
-suckers (thank grandma for that one)
-giving loves
-walking around
-veggie puffs
-playing peek-a-boo
-flapping his arms as fast as humanly possible

at ten months brooks dislikes:

-his big kid car seat
-stroller rides
-basically anything that confines him to one area
-his crib
-being denied real human food
-not getting his way

he is such a fun little guy.  i've been really trying to teach him to be soft in preparation for baby sister... he has been known to claw my face off a time or two.  it's the sweetest thing though, in the mornings he will lay next to me and matt and stroke our faces saying "ooooo"  it's one of my favorite things.  

i'm guessing he weighs around 21 pounds and is probably 30-31 inches.
he is sliming out and losing his little chub chub.  except his belly.. it's still nice and round.
he is in size 3 diapers and has 7 teeth.

brooks hayden, i love your face.

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