weekend getaway.

a few weeks ago we were able to tag along with my parents for a quick trip to st. george.
my dad had some business and my mom wanted company while he was in meetings...can't say no to that!

we took brooks for his first outdoor swimming experience since last summer and he loved it.

later that night, we were able to walk the grounds of the st. george temple.  it is absolutely gorgeous.  

the next day we were able to go on a little outdoor adventure and watch matt do some rock climbing, bouldering, and traversing.  brooks thought that every rock was a ball and that he needed to throw it, so we spent a lot of time collecting rocks.

 i love that st. george is so close, yet still gives you the feeling of being on vacation.  this park that we found to explore was awesome and we will definitely be returning in the future.

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Amy said...

Cutest baby ever!