pregnancy brain.

it's a real thing, people.

when i was pregnant with brooks i didn't feel like i really had pregnancy brain.  i think because i was finishing up school and teaching and i had so much going on i had to stay on top of things or else i would've died.

with baby girl, it is SO much different. 
i seriously struggle on the daily.

here is a few of the good ones i've experienced lately...

1. on the way to our little st. george weekend getaway we stopped at a gas station to give brooks a break and get some food.  i took brooks into the bathroom to change his bum and he peed all over me... which he hasn't done in months!!  then i really needed to pee so i went into the stall, pulled down my pants, and hear a "PLOP."  there goes my phone into the toilet.  it was in my back pocket and i totally forgot about it.  don't worry though, i reacted like a full blown ninja and retrieved that thing in lightening speed.  (luckily i hadn't peed yet..ha!)  
my phone was still functioning except the camera was foggy.  once in st. george i purchased some rice and soaked that baby over night and my phone was working like a champ.

2. one week later, i was putting brooks in the tub and i thought it would be a good idea to set my phone on the edge of the tub.  literally the second i set it down it fell in the water.  STRUGGLES.  this time rice did not do the trick.  two swims was just too many.
on the bright side, i got a new phone.

3. on the very exact day of the above phone incident, i managed to lock my keys in my car at my house.  and i only have one key.  i've had the same car for the last four years and getting a spare key has been on my to-do list for about four years.  i REALLY need to do that, because this is probably the eighth time i've managed to lock my keys in.  thankfully, the lindon city police came and rescued me.

4. within the same time frame, i managed to lose my wallet.  i was at the mall and i remember having it in my hands at the last store.  when i got home and grabbed my purse, i realized it was significantly lighter.  i searched my car, my purse, called the friends that i had been with, and then got teary eyed because it was nowhere.  i called the mall and there had been no wallets turned in.  matt even ran back to the mall and retraced all my steps.  i then called and cancelled all of my cards, on to find my wallet the next morning in my car.  guess i forgot to check under my front seat.

those are some of the bigger ones i've experienced as of late, but on the daily i tend to
-walk into a room with a purpose and quickly forget that purpose.
-lose my train of thought
and probably more, but that pregnancy brain of mine does not allow me to remember any at the moment.
see, it's a real thing.


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I agree! Last night I was trying to ask my husband to scratch my leg, and it was like "can I scratch your leg with my hand? I mean your hand with my leg? I mean I have a scratch on my hand and your leg - MY LEG ITCHES!" haha

Pregnancy brain happens.

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

When I was pregnant with Drew, I left my car running for 4 hours on the parking lot where I taught. Pregnancy brain is real!! And pretty funny! Glad to see all is well and I LOVE how you told Matt...too cute!

Ali Lynn said...

This is too funny! You are the cutest prego lady ever! P.s. I tagged you in one of my latest posts. Go ahead and check it out and participate if you'd like to!