11 months old.

in just one week this not so baby of mine will be one year old!

he has been so fun this month.  he is the busiest little body, always walking around, getting into EVERYTHING.
he currently loves to open cupboards/drawers and empty everything in sight.  he is obsessed with garbage cans and he may have been seen a time or two walking around with dirty diapers he's collected from the trash. 

he has the best little laugh and perfected his fake laughs and coughs.  often times while driving he'll be sitting in his carseat laughing away at nothing.  it's pretty great!

-at 11 months brooks has 6 teeth.

-he is much more confident in walking and is currently working on being able to get up if he falls in the middle of the floor with nothing to pull himself up on.

-he is starting to say sounds when i tell him to say words.
for example: if i say "out" he says "ttt"  if i say "hat" he says "aat"

- he is still nursing in the morning and at night before bed.

-he loves to play with older kids... he's still trying to figure out kids of his age.  he's kind of a whimp if little kids touch him.

-he LOVES balls.  he can kick and throw like a champ.

-he loves to play "where is brooks?"  he goes around the kitchen counter and if i say "broooks, where are you?"  he scrambles around the corner as fast as he can with a huge grin like he was hiding.  it's pretty adorable.

-he takes 3 naps a day and sleeps 10 hours through the night.  his naps are generally short 30-45 minutes.

-he has a food obsession.  his current favorites are watermelon, grapes, pineapple, slushies/smoothies, cheese, turkey, and dino nuggies.

-he is always happy when he is outside.

pretty much i love this boy more than words.  he brings so much happiness into our lives.  
yesterday i was desperately needing alone time so i ran to walmart to buy drain-o (and i was so stoked to be alone haha!) but while i was there i heard a little baby saying "dada dada dada" and it totally sounded like brooks.  immediately i missed him and wished that he was with me.

he is the sweetest little nugget and i can't imagine life without him attached to my hip.

happy 11 months sweet boy.
stay little forever.

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Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

What a cutie! Happy almost one year to him!