newport vacation - part one

about a month ago we began the first of our summer vacation adventures.


this is a trip my whole family does every other year.  this year not everyone was able to come, but it was still a lot of fun.

much of our time was spent at the pool.  it was so nice because brooks loved to play in the water for about a half hour and then he would just lay on my shoulder as i walked around in the pool, until he fell asleep.  the pool just wore him out.  i was in heaven because then i was able to lay out and read without having to worry about brooks.

^^this picture is one of my favorites :) if you look really close you can see brooks' precious hippo teeth.  his middle teeth have since grown in, but this toothy grin was the best.

one of my favorite things about newport is eating at a little burger shack that overlooks the ocean.  not only is it delicious, but the view is pretty amazing.

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